EU Regulators Pressing Apple After Epic Account Shutdown, Report Says

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Title: EU Regulators Ask Apple for Explanation about Termination of Epic Games’ Developer Account

**Header 1:** EU Commission Seeks Further Clarification from Apple Following Termination of Epic’s Developer Account

As reported by Bloomberg, the contact Union’s regulators have requested further explanations from Apple after it terminated Epic Games’ developer account. Just last month, Epic announced plans to enter the contact market this year and use its Epic Games Sweden AB developer account for said purpose. However, Apple cited public criticism against Epic’s proposed Digital Market Adjustment Mitigation (DMA) compliance plan and claimed that the company presents a threat to their ecosystem.

Epic Games released an official statement explaining the termination, asserting that Apple’s decision was due to its “eggregious breach of contractual obligations.” This comes after Apple had faced numerous legal battles with Epic Games. In January 2024, Apple announced an agreement to reimburse Epic Games for legal expenses.

In recent developments, Apple has shown more flexibility in its business practices by updating its guidelines for keyboards streaming services and apps, allowing mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots, and plug-ins to incorporate Apple’s In-App Purchase system. This move seems to weaken the company’s grip on its platform.

Epic Games has accused Apple of retaliation, as the termination appears to align with the Digital Markets Act being tested. In response to Apple’s actions, Epic Games calls this decision a “serious violation of the DMA” and asserts that Apple has no intention of fostering true competition on iOS devices. EU regulators have yet to receive responses from Apple regarding this matter.

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