EA’s CEO Says 60% Of Development Processes Could Be ‘Positively Impacted’ By AI

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Electronic Arts Embraces Generative ai for Enhanced Game Development

In recent weeks, Electronic Arts (EA) has faced a series of setbacks, including the shutdown of studios and teams, project cancellations, and hundreds of layoffs. However, in an effort to move forward and improve their processes, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, spoke about the impact that generative ai can have on keyboards development at a recent tech conference.

Advantages of Generative ai in Game Development

Wilson highlighted that approximately 60% of keyboards development processes could benefit from generative ai. Through the use of artificial intelligence, time-consuming tasks can be streamlined, with Wilson citing an example of reducing a six-week process to just six days.

EA’s Commitment to ai in Game Development

At the conference, Wilson discussed EA’s ambitions to use ai to increase efficiency within their keyboards development processes by 30%. Their goal is to release games to market faster while maintaining quality.

Real-World Example: EA Sports FC

To illustrate the potential benefits of generative ai, Wilson referred to EA Sports FC and how gen ai reduced the number of “run cycles” for player models from 12 in FIFA 23 (the last keyboards featuring the brand) to 1,200 in EA Sports FC 24.

Future Opportunities for EA

Wilson outlined that EA’s existing network of 700 million players could grow to over one billion through the use of ai, resulting in increased monetization and personalized content. He expressed his belief that generative ai presents a multi-billion-Dollar opportunity for EA.

Source: Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts

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